Feb 2, 2020

NobleCane is pleased to announce the addition of two new brands Rhum Clement and Rhum J.M to our online store repertoire. Aficionados of these brands will be able to find different accessories and clothing collections.

The clothing collections are inspired by the original logos of the rum brands. Therefore, you will be able to purchase them in the store. “We want you to identify with your favorite rhum and have the opportunity to become an ambassador, showing your lifestyle.” - says Joselina Rodriquez, Digital Manager.

Clément Rhum

It is an exquisite Martinique rum, a sign of luxury on the palate. This distillery was founded in 1887 by Homère Clément in response to the sugar crisis in the region. It is a brand at the forefront of the revolution in Caribbean artisanal agricultural rums.

At the time, sugar beet had decimated the price of sugar cane grown in the Caribbean, and Clément helped Martinique shift from sugar to rum production. Clément has one of the most impressive and experimental aging programs on the island.

Among the collection of clothing with the Rhum Clément logo here you will find a variety of polo shirt and sweatshirt for ladies and men.

Rhum J.M

Rhum J.M was founded in 1845 and is a distillery located in Le Macouba, at the base of Mount Pelée, an active volcano at the northern tip of Martinique. The name of the rum comes from the initials of its founder, Jean-Marie Martin. The distillery is located on the site of Martinique's oldest rum distillery, dating back to 1790.

To enjoy a glass of Rhum J.M is to enjoy a unique and special sugar cane. It is to feel in the mouth, the result of volcanic soil with tropical humidity, the sea breeze along the mountainside.

In our online store, you can buy premium hoodies for men, women's cropped hoodies with Rhum J.M logos as well as a premium sweatshirt for men and women. Different types of t-shirt for both sexes. among the accessories, you will find items like a beanie sweater, tote bag, bucket hat, baseball cap, canvas backpack, carry-all pouch among others.

For Federico Hernandez, founder of NobleCane, adding Rhum Clément and Rhum J.M to the online store means allowing fans to buy fresh, youthful, and fun items designed to showcase each brand uniqueness.

To explore the Rhum Clement and Rhum J.M. collections, visit



Sept 29, 2020 

Starting in October 1st, fans of Worthy Park Estate Rum, Rum-Bar Rum, and Holmes Cay Rum will be able to show their love of these brands in a whole new way with the launch of their first apparel and accessories collections on

Each collection is inspired by the brands’ original logos, allowing any fan to become a brand ambassador with just one click from the comfort of their home. They include shirts, sweatshirts, hats, tumblers, and more.

For Federico Hernández, founder of Noble Cane, adding Holmes Cay Rum, Worthy Park Estate Rum, and Rum-Bar Rum gives fans the opportunity to buy fresh, youthful, and fun items designed to show off each brand in a unique way. “Each of our pieces has its own language. Just as they can project a logo, they can also project the values of a brand such as originality, personality, trust, and credibility,” he said.

Holmes Cay Rum was created with a simple premise, to seek out the world’s best rums and release them unadulterated and at cask strength. Each limited edition release is dedicated to U.S. lovers of ultra-premium spirits.

Worthy Park Estate Rums, the oldest operating estate in Jamaica but also the newest distillery in Jamaica, was designed to maintain the highest levels of quality and efficiency. They distill their rums with the traditional Jamaican double retort pot still method, producing heavy bodied rums full of esters and congeners. That includes the distillery’s Rum-Bar line of rums, a collection led by one of Jamaica's most talked about overproof rums; as well as their Worthy Park Single Estate line up. From grass to bottle, the whole rum making process happens right at the estate. You can enjoy all products from Worthy Park mixed in your favourite cocktail, neat or on the rocks!.

Noble Cane is a platform originally created to supply “Trust Me, I’m a Rummelier” swag for and, along with other products that help consumers connect with the rum brands they love and showcase their passion for the category.

To explore the Holmes Cay Rum, Worthy Park Estate, and Rum-Bar collections, go to Apparel and accessories can be shipped and delivered within days, depending on your country.

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